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Creation, distribution, annotation & grading of assignments for the tablet enabled classroom. No more photocopies!


Simple classroom workflow

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Handouts is a paperless student/teacher platform for tablet-centered classrooms.
It addresses the creation, distribution, collection, and grading of worksheets, printables, homework, quizzes and assignments.

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What is handouts

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Simple handout creation. Take a picture of a paper handout or import your digital files.



Select which handouts to distribute and send to your class with one tap. Easy as pie.


Work on Tablet

Students can complete handouts within the app with a stylus or their finger.

Work on Tablet
Work on Tablet

Grade & Feedback

Students turn in their work with one tap. Teachers grade handouts in a jiffy and return them to students with feedback without leaving the app!

Grade & Feedback
Grade & Feedback

Student Portfolios

Teachers can fave student assignments to create portfolios of significant work and keep track of uncollected handouts.

Track Progress
Track Progress



Add new life to your handouts!

Add new life to your handouts!

It's easy to assign your whole filing cabinet of worksheets, quizzes and handouts! Take a picture or import from Dropbox. It takes a second.

Students complete handouts from the app

Students complete handouts from the app

Powerful drawing engine for annotation comes included! No need to buy a separate app.

Save time & money!

Save time & money!

Get back hours of your life. Take back up to half an hour every day! And save your school over $1000 per class per year in copying and paper costs!

Simple Workflow

Simple Workflow

Distribute and collect from your whole class in seconds! Simple dashboard helps you keep track of uncollected assignments.

Easy Grading

Easy Grading

Grade in a jiffy with powerful annotation tools and fun stickers. Send feedback, take private notes or add to a student portfolio.

Good for your class, great for the environment!

Good for your class, great for the environment!

Save 10-20 thousand sheets of paper a year per class! That's a whole lot of trees that don't get cut down.






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Simple camera assignment capture YES YES YES

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Full annotation for students & teachers YES YES YES
Classes 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Assignments 10/month Unlimited Unlimited
Students 40 Unlimited 10
Teacher rich text and annotation feedback YES YES YES
Audio and student/teacher messaging/feedback NO YES YES
Assignment resubmission NO YES YES
Assignment Scheduling & Reminders NO YES YES
Import assignments from Dropbox & Google Drive NO YES YES
Export grades NO YES YES
Portfolio & Sharing tools NO YES YES
Email support NO YES YES
Phone Support & Training NO NO NO YES
Free $7.99 / month per teacher
$3.99 / month per homeschool teacher
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